Passion and ingenuity first

Zero-C team share the same passion: offer a remarkable ingenuity and fearless approach that will make our customers marvel. Our enthusiasm, passion, creativity and desire to challenge ourselves are the key to successful achievement of all our projects

Always seeking talented professionals to work abroad

Simply passionate

Ever since its inception, the business has owed its success to its experienced and qualified team. The founders mainly inspired by their passion in refrigeration have passed on their great interest to the next generations, also driven by innovation and its multiple benefits.

Whether in Canada or Switzerland, our teams are motivated by their job and follow in management’s footsteps by setting market standards.

Beyond professionals

Working for Zero-C also means believing in ourselves and our skills and pushing our limits until we find the best and complete solution.

We are always looking for people willing to question themselves, take risks and give the very best they can. We value strategic thinking and encourage our employees to always keep learning and meet their goals.

Learning environment

We make sure that the desire to learn is shared by everyone. We invite curious, passionate and resourceful young workers who want to develop their expertise to collaborate with specialists in several fields. As none of our projects are standard, our team is constantly learning to stand out from the pre-established methods in the industry.

A team of leaders ready to take your career to the next level

Successful beyond expectations

Nothing stops us. All our projects are carried out by leaders and experts with the necessary skills to take concepts and teams to the next level and exceed expectations. We use technologies within our reach and our wild imagination to create solutions that have never been seen before, exceed standards and precisely meet the customer’s technical needs.


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1061 Marie-Victorin Street
Saint-Bruno, Quebec, J3V 0M7 Canada

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