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All Zero-C equipment, including a complete pack or any other refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, heating or blast-freezing systems, are unique and different. We adapt every installation to your specific application, using select mechanical components for a suitable solution optimizing your operations.

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Scalable equipment

Our concepts have barely no limits. We adjust our equipment in every possible way with suitable options to meet any of your specific needs such as a lack of space, low vibration and noise, increased refrigeration capacity or any other unique constraints. From proper operation inherent basics, we tailor a system with custom-made components.



The compressor is a mechanical component increasing any gas pressure, thus all energy to be distributed. We always select and install the perfect compressor, available in multiple sizes, power capacities, energy performance levels, compression technology…, for your project key objective.



The tank is a recipient designed to accumulate and stock the selected refrigerant:

  • CO2 (R744)
  • Ammonia (R717)
  • Propane (R290)
  • Water (R718)
  • Propene (R1270)

Heat exchanger

Energy transfer systems require high-efficiency heat exchangers. Available in various models using innovative technologies, our systems transfer energy through their advanced metal-walled structure, which offers numerous pack-optimizing benefits such as maximum efficiency and sustainability.



The pump enables refrigerant circulation in the system, which is essential to your installation proper functioning. Easy to install and safe, the pumps we use make little noise and stand out with their high durability and low required maintenance.


Variable frequency drive

The variable frequency drive component is mainly used to modulate the capacity of pack compressors and plays an important role in the life cycle of the system and the energy performance of the installation. For example, we adapt the power if needed and stop on/off cycles.


Control panel

The many electronic and electrical components of the control panel make a big difference in the automated system management in place. These regulation systems are tailored to your specific needs and guarantee a full performance and profitability.



The accumulator component catches the liquid refrigerant sucked in by compressors. By analyzing and storing these energy refluxes, you optimize your energy use and reduce your operation costs at the same time.

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Tailoring concepts is our expertise

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A 5-year maintenance contract included in the financing

Inventory of stock worth 1 million dollars for emergencies

For all products from external manufacturers, we honour the 1-year manufacturer warranty and can extend it if needed. The Zero-C financing includes the basic maintenance for a 5-year period.

In order to help you fix your system quickly when something goes wrong, guarantee an excellent customer service and a complete efficiency, we maintain an inventory of stock worth 1 million dollars for all emergencies.

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