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All Zero-C equipment, including a complete pack or any other refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, heating or blast-freezing systems, are unique and different. We adapt every installation to your specific application, using select mechanical components for a suitable solution optimizing your operations.

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Scalable equipment

Our concepts have barely no limits. We adjust our equipment in every possible way with suitable options to meet any of your specific needs such as a lack of space, low vibration and noise, increased refrigeration capacity or any other unique constraints. From proper operation inherent basics, we tailor a system with custom-made components.

Tailoring concepts is our expertise

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A guarantee of optimal and sustainable products

A 5-year maintenance contract included in the financing

Inventory of stock worth 1 million dollars for emergencies

For all products from external manufacturers, we honour the 1-year manufacturer warranty and can extend it if needed. The Zero-C financing includes the basic maintenance for a 5-year period.

In order to help you fix your system quickly when something goes wrong, guarantee an excellent customer service and a complete efficiency, we maintain an inventory of stock worth 1 million dollars for all emergencies.

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Using cutting-edge technologies, Zero-C equipment is designed and manufactured with a requirement-exceeding thinking. To offer top-quality refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and blast-freezing solutions, become a reseller of our high-end products. Simply fill out the form; one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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