The energy is an inexhaustible source of inspirational challenges. In account of our Swiss division, we constantly improve our knowledge to get a perfect grip of all energy forms and methods of using them.

Science has proven that moving energy consumes less than creating some, hence our ecological and environmentally responsible vision stemming from energy recovery. As our main energy source accumulates to be redistributed to many other components, we use our creativity and ingenuity to design and introduce lower-energy-driven systems that go beyond everything that has been made to this day.

Whether we use our Zero-C equipment or your existing installations, we adapt our energy innovations for optimal reuse of the energy generated for your operations.

Optimal transfer for zero energy loss

An electrical division at the leading edge of energy technologies

Our electrical division is complementary to our core business, which allows us to provide complete solutions with no third-party intervention. We cooperate with industrial and commercial expert technicians to develop projects involving high-quality-level and stringent electrical work: low and medium-voltage electricity, thermography, heating, automation, control…

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Energy as part of the Zero-C Solution

All our Zero-C Solutions are energy based. Pairing our ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and blast-freezing expertise, we maximize our system's efficiency by using the energy in any form. We also use increasingly advanced mechanics to optimize our energy recovery in every possible way.

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