Often considered as an added value in a project, our control systems are designed from cutting-edge technologies for one main purpose: optimizing your operations with minimum unnecessary interventions.

With extremely accurate, scalable and intuitive control and regulation systems, we help you manage your installations in real time. We set and modify your existing system hierarchical structure to offer optimal management solutions fitting your needs and business process and increase your efficiency and productivity.

Either provided by Zero-C or coming from existing automation software, our control systems are ideal to perform automated analysis of your equipment and ensure their optimal working order at all times.

Versatile software control

Modern and scalable programming

To ensure optimal and perfectly convenient refrigeration control, we call upon our versatile programmers, who implement cutting-edge adjustable programming solutions based on the most suitable control and regulation technology for your installations and operations. They build the monitoring operation structure, which can be updated afterwards as the company and your installation evolve.

Full software-compatible

Our programmers are also skilled to work with the biggest automation software brands to adapt our equipment and optimize your existing system to your new installations:

  • Micro-Thermo
  • ASIC Control
  • Schneider
  • Prolon
  • Allen Bradley
  • Delta
  • Johnson Control
  • Siemens
  • CPC
  • Emerson

State-of-the-art control technologies standing out for increased efficiency and greater security

Complete automation

By implementing regulation systems to automatize your installation components, our engineering and programming team works to make your operations smoother while increasing your production. You can optimize your business management through computer interfacing and a custom-made control panel, which are connected to an energy meter, high-efficiency motors…

ease your productivity

Enhanced monitoring

We also offer a cutting-edge surveillance system equipped with cameras, sensors and visual or aural alarms to help you detect sudden failures and quickly address the problem. Our system also records real-time data for efficient performance and security monitoring (tracking of up to 3 years).

ettle for security

Scalable and cost-effective solutions

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Complete peace of mind is a valuable benefit resulting from the optimal operation of your various procedures and installations. We help you focus your efforts where it really matters.

Remote control

Remote control

From Vancouver to Halifax, from Chamoson to Zurich, we constantly improve our control systems to provide remote data and installation management, wherever you are.

Precautionary measure

Precautionary measure

Equipment failure can be expensive. With our customized control systems, you are notified of any malfunction, so you can act and prevent costly breakdowns and far-reaching losses.

Quality control

Quality control

Control systems enable continuous business data monitoring and recording, such as food storing temperature, to ensure certified quality levels for your products.

Control as part of the Zero-C Solution

Control enhances almost any Zero-C concept by automating your installation or ensuring increased monitoring of your operations. Our practical control systems are a great way to save energy, thus lower maintenance costs. Our programmers work to maximize your installation performance and profitability with a complete and sustainable solution.

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