Maintenance and Service

Once your new concept is set up and working, we make sure to offer exceptional technical support and complete after-sales service fitting your needs.

We offer various services and programs to ensure the constant performance and superior sustainability of all machines, manufactured and installed by Zero-C or not. We provide all necessary tools and assistance to maximize every inch of equipment you use by the means of maintenance programs, remote telemetry monitoring, diagnosis, compressor reconditioning services and more.

Our team is available to assist you in reaching complete peace of mind. For any service required on your equipment, we work in your interest by offering warranties and a large replacement part inventory, as well as collaborating with qualified field technicians.

Fully operational systems

The sustainability of every refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and blast-freezing system relies on all-time proper functioning, which leads to optimal energy consumption for maximum efficiency and operating time of your overall installation. Our experts are always available to help you keep your equipment in good day-to-day working order with essential maintenance operations:

  • Evaporator and condenser inspection
  • Motor inspection
  • Safety systems’ inspection
  • Oil analysis
  • Oil change
  • Filters’ change
  • Probes and control points’ inspection

Preventive maintenance for sustainable profitability

Tremendous inventory of replacement parts

Supporting all your needs, no exception

Assurance of high quality and durability

hould there be a problem, we honour the manufacturer’s warranty in accordance with its original limitations. With the Zero-C maintenance schedule, manufacturing defects due to labour are also covered and the warranty period can be extended if needed.

Guaranteed supply in case of an emergency

If the need arises, we keep a very large number of replacement parts in stock so our expert technicians can promptly restore your equipment. Providing trouble-free service calls remains our top priority.

A service that benefits

Fewer repairs

Fewer repairs

Our various maintenance and service programs were developed to reduce required repairs on your system, hence increasing your equipment reliability.

Loss management

Loss management

Taking good care of your refrigeration system helps prevent unexpected failure or breakdown as well as keep your production fully running, hence avoiding substantial material and financial losses.

Reduced emergencies

Reduced emergencies

Repeated emergencies are not only restrictive, but extremely costly. To help minimize these undesirable situations, we offer various services for always efficient equipment.

Maintenance and service as part of the Zero-C Solution

As the final part of the Zero-C Solution, our maintenance and service programs give access to a complementary expertise on all system equipment. Combined to control or automation systems, our programs are sure to result in lower energy costs and enable the assessment of your equipment condition as well as monitor, even restore, the problematic situation until our technicians get on site.

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