A creative synergy leading to success

Zero-C primarily focuses on the synergy, not only of their team of experts, but also of their customers, to ensure a perfect assimilation of a project’s relevant details.

Experience has shown that a strong team can achieve almost anything. All our experts work alongside and complement one another to create unique systems using cutting-edge technologies. Combining our expertise allows us to maximize your installation efficiency, profitability and performance above all standards.

5 types of expertise combined into 1 Zero-C Solution

What’s the Zero-C Solution? It’s the optimal combination of 5 types of complementary expertise resulting in innovative, ingenious, ecological and perfectly suited systems. The Zero-C solution is a complete concept based on the solutions to the issues you are facing.

An understanding that exceeds all expectations

Understanding the framework and needs of a customer goes beyond a simple form. Designing complete innovative and functional systems requires a full comprehension of every single detail affecting the end-result efficiency. What may look like irrelevant can prove to be essential to the success of the Zero-C Solution.

Thorough assessment

Thorough assessment

By taking the time to ask the right questions, we properly assess your request’s individual detail, in addition to bring your concept further with custom solutions beyond simple mechanics.

Comprehensive process

Comprehensive process

Assimilating your procedures and expectations is the foundation of a wise selection of equipment, which is why asking relevant and accurate questions is crucial to every project.

Suited solutions

Suited solutions

Maximizing your profitability and your investment is the primary purpose of our procedure. Every solution we offer is thought up with your measurable outcome in mind.
  • Analyze the project

    Project stages

    No project is the same, with unique specifications. Our team of experts assess the complete project environment including the plans, the layout, the number of persons on site, the type of equipment being used, the installed lighting system, the humidity conditions as well as any other factor affecting the energy outcome.

  • Find innovative solutions

    Project stages

    Depending on the defined parameters resulting from our analysis, we build a team sharing the relevant expertise to bring your process to higher levels. By pairing everyone’s technological skills, we develop perfect solutions to put maximum efficiency, proper operation and financial benefits forward.

  • Adapt the solutions

    Project stages

    In the light of our research, we adapt the required equipment to fit the parameters and limitations originally provided. No matter the complexity or extravagance of the solution we offer, our experience and understanding of the project ensure end-use equipment or mechanism perfectly suited to your specific business application.

Sustainable projects made for all extreme conditions

Environmentally efficient solutions

The Zero-C Solution is our way to fervently promote the use of ecological refrigerants such as the CO2 for total energy recovery. Optimal energy redistribution and control management allow for better energy efficiency of our implemented systems while minimizing their impact on the environment. We make a difference one solution at a time.

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Substantial financial assistance

Our Zero-C Solution is at your fingertips. Governmental programs such as the province of Quebec Eco-Performance are intended to recognize green-refrigerant-oriented actions, which is in direct line with the concept we develop for you. Take part in projects more accessible than ever.

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