Types of industries

Sports and entertainment complexes, Institutional work

Sports and entertainment complexes such as arenas and theaters are major refrigeration projects. We consistently demonstrate our creativity and innovation through out-of-the-ordinary artificial ice concepts.

Food markets

Zero-C refrigeration systems often set new standards in grocery stores and supermarkets. We develop complete space-and-auxiliary-equipment-refrigerating concepts using a single central system.

Warehouses food transformation and processing plants

Our designed refrigeration and blast-freezing installations for plants and warehouses supply all parts of a production chain as well as recover the energy for more of the industrial process.

Refrigerants worth choosing

In Canada, Switzerland and Europe, we use natural refrigerants as much as possible to promote greener solutions, although synthetic refrigerants are used under specific circumstances: existing installation, building retrofitting, unadapted project, customer requirements…


With a great refrigeration capacity, the CO2 is perfect to create high energy efficient systems delivering optimal performance and substantial energy recovery. It is becoming an increasingly popular refrigerant in the refrigeration industry for its non-toxic particularities considerably lowering both its impacts on the environment and the related maintenance and repair costs, making the CO2 the ideal refrigerant for all refrigeration and blast-freezing applications.


Used for several decades in artificial ice designing and numerous high capacity industrial refrigeration installations, the ammonia has proven to be an efficient natural refrigerant. With its outstanding thermodynamic properties for industrial refrigeration systems, the ammonia delivers great energy efficiency as well as low impacts on the environment.

And other refrigerants…

Although we try as much as possible to use natural refrigerants, special circumstances sometimes force us to use synthetic refrigerants such as hydrocarbons (HFC and HCFC). We are also experimenting other refrigerants such as propane, a natural highly promising substance used in Europe for several years already in refrigeration system designs
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No energy is left unused

A true winning formula

Ecological technology

Ecological technology

To minimize our cooling system impacts, we work with high-end technologies and environmentally responsible equipment to recover 100% of the generated or used energy in the refrigeration cycle.

Clear comprehension

Clear comprehension

Your refrigeration or blast-freezing system is designed like no other. Buoyed by practical and meaningful experience, our team assimilates every single detail related to your needs and brings the concept further with creativity and ingenuity.

Instantaneous results

Instantaneous results

Installing or modernizing a refrigeration system is worth the investment. With our sound expertise, we develop maximum efficiency concepts leading to beneficial results in record time.

Refrigeration as part of the Zero-C Solution

Based on the key concept of energy transfer, refrigeration is the core function of any complete solution combining various complementary expertise. Our refrigeration equipment is the stepping stone of an efficient and maximal energy recovery for ventilation, air and other fluid heating as well as air conditioning.

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