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Your Zero-C project is a promise of tangible results. Above all, we strive to maximize your efficiency, your profitability and your energy consumption with innovative solutions that will make you save a lot of money upon the installation of your new system. Every effort we put forth is to generate direct and quick return on investment.

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Tangible results*

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59 %


32 %


46 %

Ecological footprint

45 %


*Maximum reached data.

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Zero-C Solution

Substantial financial assistance

Although our CO2 refrigeration projects can be considered as an investment, they are in line with government programs, such as the Quebec Eco-Performance program implemented to recognize natural-refrigerant-driven actions. This great financial support, paired to Zero-C ingenuity, is a guarantee of successful visionary concepts.

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Result-driven financing

In collaboration with the Royal Bank of Canada, we offer an advantageous monthly leasing financing program including a complete maintenance agreement to help you fulfill your project and ensure the installed equipment sustainability. Our team is available at any time to provide more details on how to benefit from the funding.

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