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Sharing the common passion of seeking solutions no one has ever dared dreaming of, our team has built thousands of varied installations of all kinds and tackled hundreds of diverse challenges. Our designers unleash their boundless creativity to continually set new standards.

The environment as a valuable resource

Nature holds many beautiful miracles that deepen our commitment to protect our environment in all possible ways. Ever since day 1, we have been promoting a strong ecological vision inspiring us to come up with sustainable concepts as well as high performance and low impact solutions that make a difference one step at a time.

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  • Unique and complete solution optimized to your needs

    The Zero-C Solution is a unique concept combining all our company experts to bring your projects to higher levels.

    With our constant desire to push our limits, we drive ourselves when seeking, finding and developing process that leads to sustainable and complete forward-looking systems. The Zero-C Solution is our unique way to reach unexpected and unequalled levels of pure innovation.

    Create substantial synergy
  • Endless source of technological innovations

    When specific settings, defined conditions or ideas of scale are required of refrigeration systems, we offer inexhaustible sources of innovations and dream concepts.

    Our unparalleled experienced designers always come up with innovative, ecological and sustainable solutions. They use various efficient refrigerants and any technology available to improve your refrigeration installations and systems.

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  • Value added to any efficient and sustainable system

    Ventilation is essential to all air management systems. It works complementary to any mechanical system for proper and unique operation. It plays a key role in equipment energy transfer required to support self-sufficient systems.

    At Zero-C, we never stop trying to broaden our vision by adapting all available technologies on the market, and when possible, creating new ones for distinct, innovative and energy-efficient air conditioning and heating concepts.

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  • Technology ensuring control at all times

    Based on high-end technologies and adaptable convenience, control and automation systems are an easy and efficient way to monitor your operations on site and remotely as well as to prevent failures leading to important losses.

    Our programming team is proficient in the use of all automation software enhancing your installation, wherever it is. Zero-C brings every control project opportunities to new heights.

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  • Transfer of energy in any form

    Every equipment and project designed by Zero-C is energy-driven. We implement energy transfer systems and technologies always reaching higher levels of performance, so you can become more self-sufficient using your refrigeration installation.

    Whatever your needs, our team calls upon their extensive energy expertise to exceed all standards in the industry.

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  • Sustained servicefor superior durability

    Whether we manufacture a specific equipment or adapt it to your reality, or even if it is a part of your existing system, we ensure long-term reliability through unequalled service on every component included in our maintenance programs.

    Maintenance, follow-ups, reconditioning… we make sure your systems stay in mint condition at all times through complete and adapted support. For any issues you encounter, we promptly take action to help you enjoy optimal efficiency.

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Measurable outcome investing

The main objective of every project we undertake is its financial outcome. We are aware that your project represents a significant investment, which is an additional source of motivation for our team. We are determined to outdo ourselves, so that you can benefit from a quick return on investment, hence allowing you to focus on your valuable business activities.

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Ecological Footprint

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Each project competes for ingenuity by breaching all industry technical standards.

Custom Products

One project, one unique concept. Each building or application has peculiar needs calling for innovative technologies and systems with custom made designs. We combine inherent basics to ongoing operation, before adapting all components to your specific needs.

A complete refrigeration pack for revolutionary operation

A pack is composed of distinct yet complementary components that meet many needs, such as energy consumption maximization. Using natural refrigerants, when possible, the pack optimizes and distributes the available energy efficiently for refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning or heating purposes. Each component has a very specific function that ensures efficient, ingenious and sustainable operation.

One refrigeration pack for all services:

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Dream up with ecological and responsible solutions!

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