Three ice rinks sports’ complex

Thanks to our innovation expertise, we were entrusted with ambitious projects, such as the construction of 3 sports’ complex with 3 ice rinks, training centers, stores, restaurants… To do so, we had to use natural refrigerants and an optimal energy recovery process for the complete self-sufficiency of the buildings (heating and hot water supply). Only two similar projects had already been carried out, but with very little success. The challenge was therefore twice as big.

We have exceeded expectations by suggesting that the customer replaces the second glycol loop found in the ice rink slab with liquid CO2 pumped from compressors. The quality of the ice has impressed both NHL players and ice rink painters.

Project translated into figures

100 %


40 %


75 %



  • Only use a green refrigerant tailored to the complex needs.
  • Create a self-sufficient heating system by using energy and water recovery for showers, washing, snow-melt pits and ice resurfacers.
  • Replace the second glycol loop under ice rinks with liquid CO2.
  • Always give our best despite the unknown, uncertainty and incomplete information.

Types of equipment installed

  • CO2 pack
  • Heat exchanger
  • Big hot water tank
  • High capacity recirculating pump
  • An ultramodern control system.

Bringing the project to life