Léman Fruits

Modernized refrigeration

In 2012, Léman Fruits, a Swiss agricultural cooperative, asked Zero-C to reengineer their refrigeration system, including temperature control and monitored atmosphere. Through the combination of our expertise and creative minds, we were able to maximize the energy efficiency of the system thanks to efficient compressors. We have also modulated the condensation system (water/air) and the entire premises and sort and packaging area heating with heat recovery and heating panels.

The customer’s energy balance has quickly improved: total elimination of drinking water consumption from the refrigeration process plus a 30% reduction in energy costs and an ammonia load divided by 10.

Project translated into figures

78 %


87 %


46 %



  • Reengineer the refrigeration system and maximize its energy efficiency.
  • Ensure temperature control.
  • Set up a controlled atmosphere for 16 ULO rooms of 220 tons as well as receiving and shipping dock.

Types of equipment installed

  • Efficient and customized compressors
  • Condensation system (water/air)
  • Heating panels for sort area heating

Bringing the project to life