Refrigeration and recovery

In 2011, the Lambert brothers who had a non-traditional project in mind—i.e. an eco-friendly, sustainable and efficient refrigeration system for the IGA supermarket in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, called on Zero-C. We wanted to use new mechanics to recover as much energy as possible in order to redistribute it and heat the entire supermarket without auxiliary systems. We decided to use R22 two-stage compressors and an energy recovery system.

This supermarket has become a benchmark in terms of energy balance and low maintenance costs. The mechanics we used in 2001 are still in place and working their magic. This technology, which raised doubts back then, has become a standard among most of our customers.

Project translated into figures

100 %


65 %


95 %



  • Create a concept combining respect for the environment and the optimization of energy efficiency.
  • Use new components/equipments.
  • Adapt a concept to a customer-management program.
  • Set up a system that would redistribute 100% of the energy coming from the pack.
  • Maintain a stable temperature despite the external heat load fluctuations.
  • Ensure temperatures comply with food distribution standards for each refrigerated counter.
  • Ensure comfort in the store, reduce system maintenance costs and improve the energy balance.

Types of equipment installed

  • CO2 pack feeding refrigerated counters, cold rooms and ice machines
  • Heat exchanger
  • Two-stage compressors
  • High capacity recirculating pump
  • Modulating condenser
  • Innovation in ventilation management
  • Coils controlled by a new valve management
  • An ultramodern management system

Bringing the project to life