Zero-C innovations: creative projects with many advantages

Refrigeration and recovery

In 2011, the Lambert brothers who had a non-traditional project in mind—i.e. an eco-friendly, sustainable and efficient refrigeration system for the IGA supermarket in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, called on Zero-C. We wanted to use new mechanics to recover as much energy as possible in order to redistribute it and heat the entire supermarket without auxiliary systems. We decided to use R22 two-stage compressors and an energy recovery system.

This supermarket has become a benchmark in terms of energy balance and low maintenance costs. The mechanics we used in 2001 are still in place and working their magic. This technology, which raised doubts back then, has become a standard among most of our customers.



+65 %

Modernized refrigeration

In 2012, Léman Fruits, a Swiss agricultural cooperative, asked Zero-C to reengineer their refrigeration system, including temperature control and monitored atmosphere. Through the combination of our expertise and creative minds, we were able to maximize the energy efficiency of the system thanks to efficient compressors. We have also modulated the condensation system (water/air) and the entire premises and sort and packaging area heating with heat recovery and heating panels.

The customer’s energy balance has quickly improved: total elimination of drinking water consumption from the refrigeration process plus a 30% reduction in energy costs and an ammonia load divided by 10.



+87 %

Three ice rinks sports’ complex

Thanks to our innovation expertise, we were entrusted with ambitious projects, such as the construction of 3 sports’ complex with 3 ice rinks, training centers, stores, restaurants… To do so, we had to use natural refrigerants and an optimal energy recovery process for the complete self-sufficiency of the buildings (heating and hot water supply). Only two similar projects had already been carried out, but with very little success. The challenge was therefore twice as big.

We have exceeded expectations by suggesting that the customer replaces the second glycol loop found in the ice rink slab with liquid CO2 pumped from compressors. The quality of the ice has impressed both NHL players and ice rink painters.



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